How it works?

During sign up please provide all the necessary information about yourself and the company. Please provide an email id on which you wish to receive all the communication.
The email id provided during sign up will become your partner id. Please sign in using this id along with the password you assigned to yourself. Upon sign in you will have access to all the features.
You can sign in and post your inventory or upload the excel file for us to post, Your inventory will be visible to all prospective customers. But no one except you or the admin will know the owner of the inventory.
Once any partner/customer enquires for a part from your list, System will generate an enquiry which will be sent to your partner id.
Upon receiving the enquiry, you are requested to send the price with other terms back to the email id from which you received the enquiry which will be the ElcoBank admin.
ElcoBank sales team will forward your quote and follow up on closing the order on your behalf.
Once an order is received ElcoBank purchase team will buy the parts from you based on agreed terms and will ship to the customer/partner. Once sold please do not forget to edit or delete the part or request our team to do so.
Partner at any point of the time will be responsible for quality & originality of the supplied parts.